Cheap Hotels

Our Guide to finding Cheap Hotels!

When looking for a hotel, never assume that the price will be the same across all booking sites. In fact you can save hundreds of pounds by simply taking a few minutes to check the current online deals and voucher codes.

Step 1 – What kind of Hotel do you want?

Decide which hotel you want to stay at, or at the very least get an idea of the star rating and type of hotel you wish to stay at. There are many review sites that can help you with your research, use Google images to find real pictures of the hotels and rooms and check that the hotel is within reach of the places and attractions that you wish to visit.

Step 2 – Should you book directly through the hotel?

Check the price on the hotels own website for a base price when searching for deals. It may be that the hotels price is very competitive and there are sometimes special offers or reductions for advanced bookings. Check back on this site to see if there are any voucher codes for the specific hotel that can be applied at the checkout.

Step 3 – Is another Hotel Booking site cheaper?

Check some of the main reputable booking sites to see what kind of hotel deals they offer. These sites are allocated rooms that in most cases they can sell at cheaper prices than booking directly through the hotels site. With daily offers and voucher codes available the savings can be great. In most cases not only are you saving money as standard, but you can save even more through the use of a voucher code. Many of these sites are also starting to offer further discounts when booking via mobile!

These hotel booking sites are well worth checking out…

ebookers expedia

You often find when searching on these hotel booking sites that there are other hotels of better value, which you should certainly consider.

Top Tip! – Have you looked at Secret Hotels?

A fantastic way to save money is by booking secret hotels or mystery hotel. This is where the hotel booking site has fantastic offers on a range of top hotels, which remain a mystery until you arrive! You can still select the star rating of the secret hotel before hand, so you are not completely in the dark. Hotels allocate these sites the rooms so that they can fill otherwise empty rooms without having to advertise the reductions to their usual customer base or on their own site.