Secret Hotels

Saving Money with Secret Hotels!

Did you know that you can book amazing hotels for a fraction of the price using secret hotel deals on a range of booking sites? Many hotels have rooms that would usually go unused at certain times of the year, so they allow certain hotel booking sites to list these mystery hotels rather than displaying the sales on their own website. This is probably because they do not want existing and potential customers to see rooms majorly discounted, which would devalue the brand. – Top Secret Hotels

There is a top secret hotel section on which offers fantastic deals on 4 and 5 star hotels not only in England but across the world. You can search by location including London and find highly discounted mystery hotels.

Uncovering the Hotels…

Recently a rather sneaky method has been found which allows you to work out what hotel they are really advertising behind the secret hotel mask. Find one of the hotels which takes your fancy and simply copy and paste part of the description into a search engine such as Google. Due to the fact they often use text from the hotels own description you can sometimes quickly find which hotel it actually is! also display TripAdvisor review scores in the secret hotel listing including the amount of reviews they have received. By going to TripAdvisor and searching for the hotels location, then sorting by ranking you can quite often match up the hotel with the one that has the exact same score and number of reviews.

Expedia – Secret Saver Hotels


You may also have noticed that Expedia have secret hotels mixed in with their existing hotel deals. Although normally quite hard to spot when looking through their hotel results, they actually have a page for their secret saver hotels which will find you some of the latest mystery hotels and also allow you to search through hotels by location, including the secret savers!